What styles of music are the easiest to sing?

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What Style of Music is easiest to sing?

Although it seems to be the case, there is really no one style of music that is “easier” or “harder” to sing for everyone. It mostly depends on your style and universe as an artist, sometimes it also depends on your voice tone, your experience as a singer and your range.
What might make singing easier for some singers are the common characteristics of certain styles of music.

The trick is to find your particular style, but…
You can also try to see in which styles you should not sing, but rather talk, or songs where you keep a constant tone if you can’t sing well. You can also put some effects on your voice like autotune.

If you decide to sing anyway; first of all, try singing with a lower voice, a higher voice (soprano), a more alto/tenor voice (in between). Listen to which of these tones suits you best
Songs with simple lyrics and memorable melodies may be easier to sing too. Those with complex lyrics and difficult melodies are less easy, as you not only have to try to make it sound good, but also find the flow to match the more complicated words.

If you don’t have a lot of skill, use fewer variations of tone.
In the end, the best thing to do is to practice and apply the tips in this article.


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