How to write a Rap song

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How to write a rap song

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My way is just one of hundreds, get inspired by this article and then do things your way!

The Subject of your choice

Find your subject: before you start writing, what is your message? What is the reason you started making music? Think about what you want to say in your song and what message you want to get across to your target audience. Whether you are talking about your life, your experiences, an imaginary life, your past, your emotions or any other subject, the most important thing is that the subject is close to your heart.

Trial without a Beat, just write

I advise you to first try writing without instrumentals for a while, his lyrics will probably be thrown away later, but at least you practice, and you see what subjects you are passionate about. When you think you can write more easily you can go to the next step

Finding the theme and the beat for your song

There are many styles, choose the one that suits you and look for instrumentals afterwards, nothing prevents you from practicing before with already existing lyrics of other rappers to see on which style of instrumentation you have the easiest to pose and to see what suits you best musically. Some Instrus are in a certain theme, a certain emotion, a certain era, a particular vibe.

Then there are differences in speed, do you want to become Eminem 2.0? or rather take your time and rap slowly? Take your time to see what your universe is, this step can take a VERY long time, don’t neglect it, don’t do what everyone around you is doing, but find your own style.

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Find a hook

I recommend you to watch the video above, follow what the person says; try to find an interesting flow. Start writing the chorus according to the flow you found, the chorus of your song or rap is one of the most important parts. It is the part that will stay in the head of your listeners and fans and will give your song its main melody.

Find your first verse…

Write your first verse: the first verse of your song, just introduce your topic and set the tone of your song. Try to create a rhythm like for the chorus but maybe a little different and create a structure that works well with your flow.

Endlessly Repeat and Change

Revise your song: reread it, play it on the instrumental, correct it where you think you can improve it. It won’t be perfect right away! But improve your text and then write new ones, it’s only by practicing that you’ll get to a professional result.

Play with the structure, what works best with your subject and your flow? don’t hesitate to leave your text on the side for a few days and then come back to it later, and in the meantime there’s nothing to stop you from doing other songs on other instrumentals.

Very Important: Getting Feedback

Ask for opinions from friends, colleagues, and relatives, don’t do it directly, get better first, then when you are happy, ask for outside opinions on your rap. Note what people find positive and negative in your lyrics, flow etc.
Be careful! Many people won’t want to hurt you and won’t tell you sincerely what they think of you, so find people who are frank and honest, and accept criticism.


Start writing already dude.
Everyone wants to record straight away, but getting better takes a lot of time unless you are the rap talent of the century.
Even Eminem sucked when he first started, so take your time, recording in a studio is not something you should do before at least a few months of trial and error, and that’s for talented people, if you’re struggling, it can sometimes even take a few years, that said, there’s nothing to stop you from recording yourself! not to put it on the internet and share it, because there’s a good chance that the quality will be nothing like it was, but rather to judge yourself, even though judging yourself is very hard.


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