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About Autotone

Autotune is used in sound processing software to correct and change the notes sung or sometimes the notes played by an instrument are also changed.

Autotune is increasingly used in the production of modern music, R&B, pop, rap and other sub-genres of hip-hop to adjust the tone of the voice or instrument and to create effects sometimes robotic or as if speaking into a tube of special sound, it is often mixed with other effects and plugins.

Autotune Types

There are many types of autotune, including “real time autotune” which allows you to correct the accuracy of a song while it is being sung and recorded, but there is also “offline autotune” which allows you to process the sound and the sung notes after the recording.

Autotune exists mostly as a plug-in in DAWs such as Ableton, FL Studio or Logic Pro.

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Learn about Autotune

Learning auto tune can go fast! Just find the Key of the instrumental and your voice type (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass) and with a few clicks you can already master the basics, beware, it all depends on your autotune type. One plugin does not correspond to another, some autotune plugins are limited while others have a lot of extra features, do some research and when you have chosen your autotune according to your needs, your style/genre of music and according to your budget, look for tutorials on the internet (YouTube for example) to help you for the next step.


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