What is a DJ?

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About the Disc-Jockey

A DJ (disc jockey) is a person who chooses music to make a playlist, depending on the audience of the event. DJs are often also known for mixing music to entertain their audience, whether it is in a club, a coffee shop, a private party or a live event.

Typically turntables are used by DJs along with mixing equipment to select and mix their music, which will create a live musical performance.

They use a variety of mixing techniques with sound effects that change from one style to another to add variety to their performance. Often they will mix 2-3 songs, which they will set to the same BPM, and have them change to a more aggressive sound (again depending on the style of music) when they drop.

DJs play all kinds of music, from popular and electronic music to hip-hop music to old party music for the older ones. They work in nightclubs or private events, on social networks, at music festivals or radio and television events.

Please note that nowadays DJs don’t always do live performances, but work and mix from home, then pretend to do it live again (which is not the case anymore unfortunately for some).


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