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About the Equaliser (EQ)

The EQ is a tool that allows you to process the sound in music and it allows you to control the balance of frequencies.

EQ is used to either increase or decrease the intensity of one or more frequencies, which drastically improves an audio recording or other type of sound. It is therefore used to improve the quality of the sound or to change its atmosphere, i.e. to put it in a certain mood.
Several types of EQ exist, for example graphic EQ, fixed band EQ or (the most used tool on the market) parametric EQ.

They all serve more or less the same purpose, but each of these types of EQs have different options for controlling frequencies, so they can all be used in different ways depending on what the mix or mastering requires.

If you are interested in music production or want to learn more about EQ and how to use it, you need to do the proper research, although in general, depending on the style and instrument, the lows are lowered and the highs are raised a little.

Proper research can be done by a teacher, blogs such as this one, or by watching Youtube tutorials. The EQ is still one of the most used plugins to improve instrumentals, sung or rapped vocals and the final production of a music.


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