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About Trap

Trap is a modern rap genre that is characterized by, among other things, heavy beats and lyrics often about money, drugs and sex.

The term “trap” comes from the street language that dealers use to describe the house where they sell drugs, or the houses of junkies that were filled with “traps”.

This style of rap emerged in the 1990s in the poor neighborhoods in the United States in the south and was popularized later, the trap has evolved a lot and is no longer as it was in the beginning, it has become more and more aggressive and the bass is often heavier than before,

What is trap? It’s hard to answer, it’s such a diverse style over the years, now it’s a very popular genre all over the world and it goes in all directions, we have melancholic trap, romantic trap, gang trap, aggressive trap mostly, but it’s not especially defined by a particular criteria.
You can mostly tell if a song is trap or not by listening to the instrumental, by the arrangement of the drums, by the vibe and by the drums and sounds used.

This Trap genre is getting more and more diverse every day. This style of rap “trap” has an extravagant aesthetic and a heavy and aggressive sound in general, but not always.


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