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About Reggae

Reggae is a genre of music that began in the late 1960s in Jamaica. Reggae is most often recognized by a slow and steady rhythm, often the same chords and the same key rhythm and by the use of the guitar (sometimes replaced by the piano), a bass and drums.

Reggae is associated with Rastafarian culture and the themes most used are peace, love, cannabis, and social and political justice.

Reggae often addresses issues such as the struggle against oppression and discrimination, following the enslavement of black people in America.

These reggae artists use their music as a way to change the mindset of the system (often referred to as “Babylon” and its purpose is to raise awareness of the problems of the African American community and the artists wish to advance social causes.

Reggae has been very successful over the years and has also influenced some other genres of music; reggae rap which is often a bit aggressive, dancehall which is often more commercial and R&B.


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