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About Reggae Rap

Reggae-Rap is a genre that mixes reggae music with hip-hop beats (often boom bap style) and where it sometimes includes dancehall elements for the more commercial and summer tracks than the reggae type).

Reggae rap is characterized by slow and bewitching rhythms, inspired by reggae music, and lyrics that often deal with social and political themes. Lyrically, it is again a mixture of boom bap and reggae most of the time, which also take up some of the same themes, except that reggae is often more peaceful and brings a message of peace, which is not often the case for boom bap rap.

Reggae-style rap emerged in the 1980s in Jamaica and quickly gained popularity around the world.

In short: play some reggae notes on a guitar, keyboard or bass, and add some boom-bap drums and you have a good base for Reggae Rap.


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