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About Lo-Fi

Lofi rap (which comes from “low fidelity”) is a genre of rap that uses simple, lo-fi instrumentals, designed using vinyl samples or analog instruments. Lofi rap is associated with an ugly, relaxed sound and a vintage aesthetic.

Lofi rap was created in the 90’s and became known thanks to artists such as Madlib and J Dilla. At that time, the genre represented an artistic movement about creating low fidelity and experimental beats.

Since then, Lofi rap has continued to develop and diversify. Currently, it is a popular genre enjoyed by fans of both rap and electronic music.


Lofi rap is often listened to for work, study, relax, sleep, … It became popular thanks to social networks and music streaming platforms. We advise people interested in the genre to go and listen and make their own opinion on Lofi rap.

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