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About Drill Rap

The “Drill” rap genre is one that contains lyrics that are generally very aggressive, focusing on neighborhood life and gangs. The instrumentals are often very fast-paced and often contain heavy samples and beats.

The term Drill refers to violence and gangs going into battle, often this style was intended to intimidate the opponent and confront the opponents, who are sometimes gangs or other drill rappers.

In this style we often talk about life in difficult neighborhoods, crime, personal experiences of the rapper, violence and drugs (consumption and resale of drugs). This style emerged around 2010 even if we sometimes hear similar beats before.

Several rappers who popularized this style in America are Chief Keef, Pop smoke, Lil Durk, G Herbo etc.. Today this style has diversified, we hear very different Drill styles from what was seen before, the style is very popular, we hear it all over the world, but many experts think that it will not remain popular forever, it could disappear in a few years.

A style that could take its place is Jersey, which uses similarities in its instrumentals and is very strongly inspired by it, even if it is a little more funk or club. We associate the drill with a dark and aggressive aesthetic.


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