Difference between Lofi and Boom Bap

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Difference between Lofi and Boom Bap

Lofi is a term that has become popular, but is the style much different from boom-bap?
Lofi rap is a sub-genre of boom-bap, it’s kind of like chill music, chill-hop but the term Lo-Fi comes from Low Fidelity (like my ex) and it means that it’s a trying, testing environment, where you don’t try to make the perfect sound, it can have more mixed elements, but the goal is just to make a chill sound, on which you can work, freestyle, study and rest, contrary to the boom bap, which is often more aggressive.

Boom bap with Jaz samples is often confused with chillhop, because that’s often what is used in Lofi.
In short, some Lofi songs are also Boom bap (most of them)
and, some Boom bap songs are also Lofi (because it is a sub-genre)

Here are some key differences between the two genres:


Lofi rap (which comes from “low fidelity”) is a genre of rap that uses simple, lo-fi instrumentals, designed using vinyl samples or analog instruments. Lofi rap is associated with an ugly, relaxed sound and a vintage aesthetic. Click the button below to learn more.

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Boom Bap

Boom bap rap is an old rap genre that is often based on samples of old music, containing rap lyrics inspired by classic hip-hop.

The name Boom bap comes from the sounds you hear, a big kick followed by a big snare drum are the recurring drums.

The sound of the kick is called “Boom” and the snare is called “Bap”. In this genre we also often hear a drum hitting at the same time as a big kick, which gives a stronger, older and more powerful kick. Click the button below to learn more.

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