“Club” Rap

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About “Club” Rap

Club music is party music, as the name suggests. It is a category of electronic music that is often played at private parties, discos and other dance events.

Club music is most often characterized by fast and repetitive beats, i.e. “a bass and a kick” directly followed by “a bass, a kick and a clap” that follow each other in a catchy rhythm. These heavy bass and synth elements are also often present.

It often includes elements of different genres of electronic music, be it house, trance, techno or dance. Club music is part of the nightlife world and is popular in clubs and music festivals around the world.

Whether you enjoy it in the car to get you right into the vibe for going out, or put it on the beach in the summer, it is still most played in nightclubs. It is therefore made to create a party and dance atmosphere, weekend atmosphere.

In France examples of known artists are for example Jul, Gambi,…


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