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About Boom Bap

Boom bap rap is an old rap genre that is often based on samples of old music, containing rap lyrics inspired by classic hip-hop. The name Boom bap comes from the sounds you hear, a big kick followed by a big snare drum are the recurring drums.

The sound of the kick is called “Boom” and the snare is called “Bap”. In this genre we also hear very often a drum that taps at the same time as a big kick, which gives a stronger, old and powerful Kick. Boom bap rap is associated with the old school rap culture, often this one emits energetic instrumentals, sometimes aggressive.

The boom bap style emerged in the 1980s in New York and was popularized by many artists. At that time it was an artistic movement that wanted to express its poetry with hip hop roots without being especially commercial. It was a time when it was popularized mainly by the streets and rap battles.

Boom-bap rap is heard less than it was back then, with new hip-hop inspirations and new styles emerging, but you can still hear some influences in contemporary music.

We see some rappers and beat-makers who start to make “Modern” Boom Bap, this one uses the same base, but sometimes puts some sounds and synthesizers more modern, although it is not the most listened style, it remains quite popular in the whole world.

Boom Bap continues to develop and will continue to exist, unlike many styles that develop today, this is because Boom Bap music is the basis of rap and has enabled all of our current styles and genres in Hip-Hop culture.


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