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How to Make a Beat?

Want to make digital music? You want to learn the basics of rap, trap, drill…

If you want to create a rap beat, follow these steps:


A DAW (like FL Studio, Logic Pro or Ableton Live) is necessary.
This is a software for producing and editing music.
Make your choice, then go to the next step!

What Rap Style?

Choose your genre of music, There are many different styles of rap music, choose your style first before proceeding,
Here is a page that includes the different genres and styles:

Different Styles of Rap

The basics of learning

I advise you to take lessons, and learn the rap music production of your choice, consult experts, no money to take lessons from a professional? No problem! Now there are alternatives just as well!

Blog posts or people on social networks like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok can teach you everything! You’d be surprised how quickly you can gain knowledge in the field of rap instrumental production just by copying what people do in tutorials and how-to videos.

First follow the tutorial to the letter, and then put it into practice by changing. After watching a tutorial, it is worthwhile to play for half an hour and practice what you have learned,
Practice constantly if you want to become an expert in music production!

Especially try to do what fits your personal taste and artistic universe and have fun!

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