How to make a music studio?

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How to build a Music Studio?

Before you start you need to find a good location, even if you can create a music studio in a small place, it is advisable to find a space that is not too small, so that if you add extra equipment, or if you want to be able to move around the room, or even invite an artist that you are recording, you will not be stuck.

It is also important that the space is as quiet as possible if you want to create a professional recording studio, if you create it next to a noisy room, next to a noisy fridge or next to a neighbor who plays loud music or does his laundry at times when you decide to record artists, it will not work. So think carefully about all these criteria before installing your equipment.

Use a room in your house/apartment or go to a friend’s house, it is also possible to rent a separate space if you have the means in your budget.


It is important to invest in quality professional equipment, do not buy without information!
The essentials are:

A computer
A sound card
A headset
A microphone

Which can be interesting if you have a higher budget and need it

A Midi keyboard
A box, a speaker or a baffle

Check which equipment is the most interesting for you, don’t buy a 1000 euros microphone if you don’t need it, the key is to get informed about the essentials, and to buy quality directly and improve your recording studio equipment little by little. You have a small budget? There are good alternatives!

Acoustic Space

As said at the beginning of this article, if you want a good recording studio place, you will need a quiet and suitable place, do not hesitate to choose a suitable acoustic space. You must treat the acoustics of your recording space, if it reflects the sound, ie if you hear a strong echo, it will not go.

So avoid any kind of unwanted distortion, you can improve all this by buying acoustic panels, some are not too expensive and low budget, but you have to make sure they work well, it is sometimes said that egg cartons work, but this is probably a myth. If you want to improve the acoustic space, but your budget does not allow to invest in this, you can start with cheaper, but often less aesthetic alternatives, with materials you already have at home.

For example, you can glue carpets, bed sheets or cushions against the walls, put mattresses against the walls, or avoid any object reflecting noise in your recording studio (mirrors, windows, screens etc.). You can then test the acoustic difference, impressive how much clearer it sounds, isn’t it?


Now that the most important part of setting up a quality recording studio is done, learn how to use your equipment: You need to take your time to understand perfectly how to use your music production equipment and software.

Some items in your studio equipment may need to be adjusted to suit your needs (microphone, computer etc.) so be sure to check on the internet if necessary. Try to get the best result possible.

Create instrumentals, record music or raps/songs and use your equipment frequently to improve your skills, so that when you work with other artists, producers and sound engineers, you will be more credible than if you have to figure out how to adjust and calibrate your equipment.

Learn how to use your recording studio and all the equipment in it.

To conclude

There are many things to consider when you decide to create a recording studio, but by following the steps in this article, you’ll be ready to create a proper space with all the equipment that goes into it to produce, record, enhance and listen to music.

If you have specific questions about creating a recording studio, feel free to ask in the comments.

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