How to find a good sample?

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Finding the sample you need

Here are some ways to find good samples and turn them into something new, with info on samples


There are a lot of websites for samples: these websites offer collections of samples, often paid and sometimes free, that you can use in your productions.

I recommend you to always modify the samples, even if they are free, if someone else uses the same Sample and you don’t modify it enough another person can say that you copied his music.

But if this is not the case, by modifying the rhythm, the pitch and the sample enough, you avoid the copyright problem and you can copyright your song yourself once it is finished.

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Record your own samples: Many big producers do this, use your own ways by making melodies on your computer or recording yourself or a friend who plays an instrument, this will give authenticity to the sound while making your life easier. You can record your loops, samples with a quality microphone but even with a phone audio recording it can be enough!

Copyright Free

Use royalty-free samples: As mentioned above there are many websites that offer as a service to provide you with collections of interesting royalty-free samples, although it is always advisable to modify them a bit to your liking.

These samples are generally less varied and of lower quality than those offered by the paid sample sites, but they are a good option if you are looking for simple samples to use, and if you dig deep enough into the sample site in question, it is possible to find quality samples.

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