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About FL Studio

FL Studio is the music production software (DAW) used by a lot of music producers, its particularity is that some of the biggest beatmakers use it as well as beginners.

With FL Studio, a beginner can quickly achieve a quality result, sometimes even a product that could be sold, many styles can be created, including many genres of rap.

FL studio is really designed for trap, drill, boombap instrumentals, in short, rap in general.
It is designed to allow users of the software to produce music using a computer and create unique tracks at a pleasant pace.

FL Studio is equipped with several varieties of sound creation tools, be it virtual synthesizers, drum samples, instruments of all kinds (please note that real pros often use additional external plugins), various audio effects and mixing and mastering tools that we have already talked about a lot on this site.

FL Studio is most often used to create beats, make little music for video backgrounds or relief, record instruments and vocals, and mix, blend and master their music to make it ready to be played, shared or even sold.

FL Studio is the tool to explore whether you’re new to music production or an expert. There is a free version for a while, and you also have choices of several bundles once you want to buy it.


User-friendly interface

Large library of sounds and instruments

Support for third-party plugins

Easy automation

Regular updates


High price

Requires a powerful system configuration


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