Drum Kits (instrument)

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What is a Drum Kit?

A drum kit is a set of percussion instruments that are used to create a rhythm and melody in a song. In rap, it is often an indispensable instrument, even if digital drum kits are more often used (read more about this below).

A standard drum kit is usually composed of a snare drum (a clear sounding cymbal), a bass snare drum (a cymbal that makes a deeper, powerful sound), a bass drum (a powerful drum), a bass tom (a small drum that makes a deep sound), a mid tom (a medium sized drum that makes a medium sound) and a hi-hat (a small drum that brings speed and rhythm).

There’s More…

A drum kit sometimes includes other instruments such as additional drums or cymbals to those mentioned before, some even have a keyboard, some additional percussion can fit it more unique, although this is especially common in digital drum kits.

Drums are used in many musical genres, including rock, jazz, funk, rap, pop … and are most often played by a drummer, then for styles such as rap and modern pop, modified with the help of a computer.

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Virtual Drum Kits

Digital drum kits are becoming more and more popular in music production, they are cheaper, don’t need to be played live, don’t need to be maintained, create a producer’s own musical universe, have more flexibility in terms of parameters and sounds.

Easier to use by novices and beginners, it is the number one choice for a producer, beatmaker who starts and needs drums.

It is best to buy several different drum kits from different places, then select from them the drums and FX (which are often included in them) that you prefer, and that could define your universe, and then combine several digital drum kits to create your universe.

This will give you an identity with sounds that are used in most of your productions and will define you as a beat maker. There are also many free drum packs and drum kits that are just as professional, the only difference is that they are more easily accessible, so there is a better chance that many other sound producers will use the same drums as you.

Some Free Dum Kits

Drum Kits

Professional Drum Kits by ConsoMusic for all types of Hip Hop Beats

Drum Kit Shop
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