Beatmaking is a site about Beatmaking (instrumental production) in the domain of music production.
For novices, beginners, music pros, or just for people who want to learn more about the subject.
At the beginning, our goal was mainly to talk about Rap and Hip-Hop culture, but we also talk about other music styles and their influences.

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Building a Music Studio

Before you start, you need to
find a good location,
even if you can create…


Drum Kits (instrument)

A standard drum kit usually
consists of a snare drum (a
clear sounding cymbal), a…


Making a Rap Beat

You want to make
digital music? You
want to learn the basics?


How many instrumentals in 24h

It’s complicated to say
how many beats you
can create in a day of…


Finding samples

Here are some ways to
find good samples
to make beats …



Sampling is the process
that consists in creating
music by using different…



Ableton Live is a
professional software
used in the music production


FL Studio

FL Studio is the music
production software (DAW)
used by a lot of…


Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a software that
is used to produce music
and is developed by Apple