The beef between MGK and Eminem

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The beef between MGK and Eminem

The rap world has been abuzz recently with the beef between two of hip-hop’s most acclaimed rappers, Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem. The feud between the two rappers began in 2018 when Machine Gun Kelly released a diss track about Eminem. This initiated a series of back-and-forth diss tracks and tweets between the two, culminating in Eminem’s latest single, “Killshot”. In this post, we’ll explore the origins of the beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, their public arguments, and the implications for the future of their respective careers.

What caused the beef and how did it start?

The beef between MGK and Eminem began when MGK released a diss track titled “Rap Devil” in August 2018, which was seen as a response to Eminem’s earlier track “Not Alike.” MGK assumed that Eminem had blackballed him in the music industry, a claim that Eminem deprived of. This sparked a heated debate among fans and ignited the long-standing feud between the two rappers. Despite both denying that their songs were directed at one another, both tracks made it clear that there was an intense rivalry between the two. The beef reached its climax when Eminem responded with a scathing track called “Killshot” which addressed MGK’s claims and attacked him personally.


The beef between MGK and Eminem started in 2012 when MGK released the song “Rap Devil,” which was a diss track to Eminem. MGK later claimed that Eminem tried to sabotage his career by releasing the song “Not Alike” which included a line that seemed to be directed toward MGK. In response, MGK tweeted out a clip from the diss track with the caption, “The message is loud and clear.” 
This was the first public shot fired between the two rappers. As time passed, more shots were exchanged in lyrics, social media posts, and interviews, further intensifying their feud. Eventually, the two rappers exchanged diss tracks with Eminem’s “Killshot” and MGK’s “Rap Devil” becoming the biggest rap battles of 2018.

What happened next?

After the initial diss from MGK, Eminem responded with a single of his own, “Killshot”. The single took direct aim at MGK’s career and lifestyle. Things escalated when MGK released a track responding to Eminem’s diss, titled “Rap Devil”. Diddy then chimed in on the beef, offering a peaceful resolution and encouraging both rappers to move on. 50 Cent also weighed in, noting that he thought Eminem had gone too far. Snoop Dogg also voiced his opinion on the beef, calling it unnecessary and a waste of energy. Despite the words of some of hip-hop’s most iconic figures, the beef between Eminem and MGK is still ongoing.

Why did MGK diss Eminem?

MGK and Eminem’s beef started in 2018 when MGK released a song called “Rap Devil” that was widely interpreted as a diss track against Eminem. The track was a response to Eminem’s verse in the song “Not Alike”, which many saw as a jab at MGK. In his song, MGK criticized Eminem for being out of touch with the current hip-hop scene and accused him of hating younger artists. Additionally, he brought up some past feuds between Eminem and other artists. This sparked a huge reaction from fans of both artists and thus began their long-running feud.

What was Eminem’s response?

Eminem didn’t take long to respond. On August 31, 2018, he released the track “Killshot” which was a diss towards MGK. He accused MGK of having a lack of originality in his bars and mocked his lack of commercial success. He ended the song by saying that MGK was “not ready to be solo”. The response was intense and received mixed reviews from fans. Eminem made it clear he was not to be taken lightly and had the last word.

What did people have to say:

What did Diddy have to say about the beef?

Diddy made his stance clear on the beef between Eminem and MGK when he appeared on a radio show. He stated that the feud wasn’t real and said it was something “that these young kids do for hype”. Diddy even went so far as to say “sometimes, it’s just about getting attention”. He believes that both Eminem and MGK need to move on from the situation and take it easy. He’s also advised them to use the opportunity to bring more positive vibes to the hip-hop industry instead of staying stuck in the drama.

What did 50 Cent have to say about the beef?

50 Cent, a longtime friend of Eminem, has spoken out in support of the Detroit rapper. In an interview with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, he said that “Eminem didn’t deserve to be disrespected” and that MGK was wrong for attacking him. 50 also suggested that MGK was “biting off more than he can chew.”

He also added that it was important for Eminem to respond to the diss track, saying that if he hadn’t, “he’d still be getting dissed today.” 50 was clear that Eminem was the victor of the beef, and that MGK should have known better than to round one of the supreme rappers of all time.

What did Snoop Dogg have to say about the beef?

Rapper and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg had some words to say on the beef between MGK and Eminem. In an Instagram post, he said, “We don’t do beef here. We need peace in hip hop.” He also asked for an end to the feud, saying “Let’s all just come together and support the culture.” Snoop does not want any further conflict between the two artists. He has been vocal in his support for both and believes that any fighting between them would be detrimental to the entire hip-hop scene.

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What’s the latest on the beef?

The beef between MGK and Eminem has been ongoing since 2018, but in recent months it seems to have cooled off. Both artists have moved on to other projects and do not seem interested in rehashing the feud. Eminem’s recent album, Music To Be Murdered By, did not refer to MGK. Likewise, MGK’s new music does not mention Eminem. Despite this, fans are still speculating about a potential collaboration between the two rappers. For now, the beef between MGK and Eminem appears to be a thing of the past.


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